A Lasting Impression: Tips for Maintaining Your Barn in Any Weather

It takes effort and plenty of seasonal maintenance to keep your barn safe and looking great throughout the years. In this article Dylan Zublin, talks about the importance of this seasonal maintenance, especially going from fall into winter.

It’s important to be proactive in your seasonal barn maintenance. Dylan Zublin, operations manager at Old Town Barns in Pawling, NY, encourages barn owners to take extra steps to make sure their barns stay in optimal condition. Barn owners need to prepare for the extreme weather challenges in the northern regions before they happen. Dylan says, “While there are several chores to be done prior to the start of each new season, preparations for the winter months can be much more critical. Water, feed and medication for animals are essential in keeping them healthy. Be sure to test water heaters and climate controls before the harsh winter weather begins. Double check that the ventilation system is working properly to ensure there is enough airflow inside the barn while the doors are closed. Also make sure that the barn roof is in good condition to handle the additional weight of the snow and check that the gutters are clear of any leaves to allow for the melting snow to drain properly. Above all else, stay safe and keep warm.”

Read on for additional information from other experts on maintaining your barn in any weather from this feature in the Equine Journal in 2013.

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