Below are some of the news stories and clips that have mentioned Old Town Barns. We are proud of our reputation in the community and across the country for quality, excellence, craftsmanship and customer service. 

Barn Renovation

We recently worked with Amethyst Equestrian to renovate the barn on the North Salem, NY property they purchased in 2020. They wrote an article about the barn renovation to share with their community. Approaching the project their goal was to ensure the farm felt like a family farm and not a commercial space. For many […]

A Horse Barn Embraces Modern Farm Style

In 2017, Old Town Barns completed this well-planned horse barn and indoor riding arena in Connecticut for their client. The project took seven months to complete and brought the client’s vision for their spacious horse property to life. Together, Dylan Zublin of Old Town Barns and his client selected cedar siding, a metal roof and black vinyl windows […]

Great Barns

Old Town Barns is a family-run business that plans, designs and constructs custom horse barns, indoor arenas, equestrian facilities, living quarters and custom pole barns with care and craftsmanship for horse owners throughout the Northeast. They work with the most elite equestrian clients in the region, and build barns that are beyond one’s wildest imagination; from […]

A Lasting Impression: Tips for Maintaining Your Barn in Any Weather

It takes effort and plenty of seasonal maintenance to keep your barn safe and looking great throughout the years. In this article Dylan Zublin, talks about the importance of this seasonal maintenance, especially going from fall into winter. It’s important to be proactive in your seasonal barn maintenance. Dylan Zublin, operations manager at Old Town […]

Let There be Light Barn Design Masterclass

Barn Design is Both an Art and a Science. America’s Top Equestrian Architects Share their Secrets. At EQ magazine, we regularly visit some amazing equestrian facilities. They range from traditional New England farms to over-the-top luxury structures that would be called mansions if they were homes for people rather than horses. But looking at barn design beyond the impressive […]

Amazing Barns: Master Plan is Paramount

Good design begins with proper planning. Proper planning ensure that the whole farm operates efficiently and safely, and green. In this article “Let there be light” 6 experts, including Old Town Barns Founder, Dave Zublin, were asked about Barn Design and what their secrets are for creating amazing equestrian facilities. Barn design is part science, […]

Old Town Barns Always Makes Their Customer the Cornerstone

In 1982, David Zublin set out to “build a better barn.” With an educational background in architecture and work experience in the field, David knew he could design and construct a barn that was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound… “We tell potential clients to have a look at one of our buildings from 30 […]

Feature: Old Town Barns

This feature in the Equine Journal features founder and owner of Old Town Barns, Dave Zublin. In it he talks about how Old Town Barns came to be. His inspirations and how his love of outdoors, architecture and building all came together to form Old Town Barns. “I’ve never met a barn I didn’t like,” […]

Polo Magazine Ad

Below is one of the first publications Old Town Barn was in. It is an advertisement in Polo Magazine in 1986. The new company, Old Town Barns, is announcing the services it can provide. It reads, “Custom buildings exclusively for the equestrian community.” In the last 30+ years Old Town Barns has continued to provide […]

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