Amazing Barns: Master Plan is Paramount

Good design begins with proper planning. Proper planning ensure that the whole farm operates efficiently and safely, and green. In this article “Let there be light” 6 experts, including Old Town Barns Founder, Dave Zublin, were asked about Barn Design and what their secrets are for creating amazing equestrian facilities.

Barn design is part science, part art, and this group of premier equestrian architects and builders explains what separates a well-conceived facility from simply a beautiful building.

Lighting and ventilations are some of the biggest things to consider when designing a “green” facility. A bright, well-ventilated barn or arena has a whole different feeling. For example, an indoor arena painted white or a light color, and fitted with adequate skylights, would never need electric lighting during the day. It would also still fee as bright as the outdoors. And, since “Horses can get spooked over many things, even shadows. Translucent skylights allow plenty of light without casting shadows,” Dave Zublin explains.

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